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“Bob is a powerful preacher of the Word of God and I would recommend you act fast on bringing Evangelist Bob Holmes into your area. Bob has a unique way of getting into public school assembly programs during the revival meetings.” - Pastor Clarence Sexton, Temple Baptist Church, Powell, Tennessee

“Bob Holmes' assembly for my students was fabulous! The volleyball games were exciting and fun with Bob finding many ways to engage the students throughout. After Bob wowed us with his wicked volleyball serve and beat each of our teams, including the staff team, he delivered a beautiful message of love, hope, kindness, and good choices. During his message all 1500 students were silent, hanging on to his every word. Totally worth it!” - In Christ forever, Pastor Erik Ness, Center Conway, New Hampshire

“Bob Holmes is an evangelist who goes to great lengths to channel converts and contacts through the local church. We hosted him at Victory Baptist and the power of God was amazingly evident. He preached both Sunday services and my people were greatly encouraged, challenged, and motivated to go out and reach others for Christ. I was stricken immediately by his sense of the majesty and holiness of Christ. He misses the mark on no doctrinal issues, and yet the kids seem to be drawn to his honesty and sincerity. His strong preaching is matched well with his very obvious love for kids and families. He has a very unique and effective way to get into schools; he just needs good churches to help him disciple these kids after he leaves. Contact him, have him for a service, and you will see what I mean.” - Pastor Wayne Dartez, Victory Baptist Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana

“My name is Chester Kulus.  For the last four years I have been the pastor of Calvary Independent Baptist Church in Plymouth, New Hampshire, where Evangelist Bob Holmes was a member. When he is not on the road, he is at the services of the local church. When he is home I regularly have him preach. He is a powerful and dynamic preacher of the Word of God. I appreciate his messages, which are always most appropriate to the needs of the congregation and of the church. If you are looking for a man who is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and who will reprove and rebuke and exhort all long-suffering and doctrine, then Bob Holmes is your man.” - In Christ, Dr. Chester W.  Kulus, Calvary Independent Baptist Church, Plymouth, New Hampshire

“Just a few years ago we had the opportunity to have Bob Holmes come to our area to hold a public school crusade for Bible Baptist Temple in Stonewood, WV. His unique ministry allowed him to go into the schools and say and do things that I would not have thought possible. In these days of “entertainment Christianity”, I was blessed to see and hear a man with a unique outreach who was preaching the Bible straight and hard to young people. Bob preached hard-hitting messages in our church each night leading up to the crusade on Thursday evening. Due to Bob’s daily visits and speaking to the schools we had over 800 come to a local gym for the crusade. Bob preached a straightforward gospel message and many were saved. It truly allowed us to open doors into a mission field of youth that is often closed to many churches.” - Pastor C. V. Madaus, Bible Baptist Temple, Stonewood, West Virginia

“I praise the Lord for men who are giving their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of those men is my friend, evangelist Bob Holmes. For so many years now he has been in and out of churches and schools all over this country preaching the message of Christ and salvation, and I want to recommend him to you. Two things I hope you’ll do, number one I hope you’ll pray for Bob, for his family, and the ministry that God has given him. He has a passion to reach the lost for Christ, and secondly, I hope you’ll consider having him, for a special evangelistic crusade or revival meeting. He’ll be a great blessing and help to you in reaching people with the gospel. That’s what the Lord has given all of us to do, may God help all of us to do what we can while we can.” – Dr. Scott Pauley

"When I first heard of Bob Holmes I was unclear of what this was all about. After spending time with him, I have a clear picture of the heart and motivation of Bob.  "The One Man Volleyball Team" is not a show or a gimmick, it's a message of victory and hope in Christ.  Bob's heart is not 'look what I can do', but what God can do for you and through you.  Bob's heart is full of Compassion, Commitment and Courage. 

  • Compassionate of the love he has for God and the students in our schools. His desire is for each student to have a personal relationship with God.  His message to each student is they don't have to be like everyone else.  They can stand with God and conquer their fears. 

  • Committed to staying faithful to God, no matter what is going wrong.  The week he was with me, he was in tremendous pain.  Yet, he was faithful to his commitment. 

  • Courage is one of his strong points.  He boldly stands before the student body and spoke clearly about how to overcome the issues in their life.  He shows them there is a better way.  At the area rally, on the closing night he shared a powerful message on the cross to a great crowd.

I have watched several of his videos. Each one of them is powerful. However, witnessing it in person was tremendous. As he was sharing, I glanced at the students faces and was praying for them. Each student was interested in what he was sharing.  As a pastor I am grateful God lead me to Bob Holmes. Would I have him again? Absolutely!" - In Christ,  Pastor Danny L. Bynum, Southside Baptist Church

Dear Bob,  Since your assembly I have bought a Bible. I have never really been involved in church, I've been too scared that I would be judged. After your assembly I started going and I am really thankful to say that, because of you showing me that faith in Christ could save my soul, I got saved today. I have been so much happier since I have accepted Christ into my heart. Thank you so much for showing me that God is the only way to heaven and teaching me that trying to become perfect is not only impossible, but not going to get me into heaven.” - Forever thankful, A Student

Dear Bob, When you came to my school, I was about to end my life. I did not have any thing left to do except take up space in everyone's daily lives. I felt useless. I was going to end my life on my birthday which is coming up in September. I had already made preparations. It was only a matter of time. On my birthday I asked Christ to save me instead of ending it all. I would like you to share my story with everyone else. Just keep motivating. - Your Newest Friend, D.

Dear Bob,  I was planning my death a few nights ago, and prior to meeting you today, I cut my wrist twice Tuesday night.  However, I'm not the least bit ashamed to say that I will no longer continue to self-mutilate because of your message.  All my life, I've just wanted to meet someone who showed that they truly care whether I'm alive or if I just disappear suddenly.  You, sir, have shown me that there is hope IN CHRIST and staying alive is worth it. - Forever thankful, A Student

Dear Bob,  You visited my school a month ago.  I have struggled with cutting and suicidal thoughts a lot last year.  But I have always doubted my salvation, wondering how God could love me, why he would want to love me.  Today I found your tract on the floor in one of the classrooms. I have experienced most of what was talked about in the tract.  I read what you wrote about being born again.  Because of finding the tract I am now for sure saved. - Sincerely, A Student

Dear Bob,  My name is B.  Before your speech, I had been cutting on my hip to the point that the tiniest scratch would make it bleed once more.  And I have thought about suicide.  I realized that I should just find new motivation and that there ARE some people who care about my soul.  When I got home that day, I went and threw away the blade I had been using to cut.  I just wanted to thank you for what you said.  THIS saved me.  Thank you soooo much.  I will never forget it. - Forever thankful, B.

“You instantly inspired me and I know you inspired everyone else. You truly are such a great, kind, and loving person that everyone deserves to have in their life and I am so glad I got to meet you.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to say you care about every single one of us in a fun, inspirational way. It truly means a lot to me.  Not only did you talk to the students in school, but you talked to most of the community tonight from different areas, and you touched all of our hearts.  I also wanted to thank you for telling us the story about your faith.  It made me realize a lot, and how important life is.  I’ve never really thought about religion, but I’ve always believed in Jesus.  Thank you for making me realize that Heaven is forever.  Once again, you truly are so amazing and inspirational, and everyone will be cheering for you!  Thank you!” – M.L.

“I was really moved at what you said today that I almost cried.  You really hit close to home on your speech.  You showed me what could happen if I continue down this path I’m heading. Thanks for this wake-up call.  God Bless ALWAYS!!!!!!!" - A.

“What you did today was a blessing for me for real. I felt that in my heart that of what you said today you almost made me cry. You’re a good, wonderful person, amazing and just pray for me please and thank you so much. The volleyball it was hilarious and you can play good 😁 I will Never forget what you said today that made my life amazing. I always said I am not good enough but I am good enough because of what you said . . . One of my best friends has attempted suicide before. After your performance, he told me that he was going to go to college and actually live his life. I am pretty sure that you changed his mind.”

“Thank you so much for coming and sharing.  It was such a blessing for me.  I was saved as a 9-year-old little girl. I think everyone needs Christ in their life.  I know what he has done for me and my loved ones and I want him to do that for everyone.  Keep sharing your story, it will bless so many people and help all kinds of people!!” 

Dear Bob,  Today really changed my outlook on life.  When I heard you speak today, my life immediately changed.  I've struggled with depression for the longest time, and I have a bad history with drugs.  My freshman year, I saw my aunt overdose for the last time on my living room couch, and I haven't been the same since.  Well, until now. What you said moved me in a way that completely changed everything I thought I knew. Thank you for everything, and thank God for blessing the earth with an amazing soul such as yours. 
Your biggest fan, I. 

“Last year I wanted to kill myself.  Life seemed to be terrible.  I could never do anything to please my parents, people at school were just rude.  I had enough.  In August of 2017 I sat on my floor with the gun to my head.  But as I did, I realized it isn’t worth it.  God didn’t put me on this earth for me to kill myself.  He has a plan for me.  He woke me up this morning which means He’s not done.  He knew I was strong. I  was saved when I was 6 or 7 years old and I’ve doubted it a few times because I strayed so far away from God.  I’ve made things right and I know without a shadow of doubt I’m saved!  I truly thank you from the depths of my heart for what you’re doing.  People really need to hear what you told us today.  People don’t actually realize the dangers something simple seems.  I truly thank you.  Don’t stop.”


Dear Bob,  My name is H. and I’m 16 years old.  When you came my school today I was and have been feeling like I wasn’t worth the gift of life and I just wanted to die.  Throughout my life I have been through a whole bunch of things.  My biological father was very abusive through my life, my parents got divorced, my grandma died, my favorite uncle died, and two more of my uncles died all in one year. . . After that I was completely broken and lost all my belief in Jesus.  I couldn’t find a way out so I started cutting just hoping that one time I would cut too deep and end it all. I tried to kill myself. I have been back and forth to counselors and court. But when you came to my school you didn’t just present a “speech”, you presented the encouragement I needed to keep living, you opened my eyes to what a wonderful gift life really is, you presented me with the belief of Jesus Christ and the joy that one day maybe I will turn my life over to him, and you presented me with a “way out” of what I thought I was trapped in forever. All I ask is that you keep going, you never stop what wonderful work you are doing. Thank you so, so much for what all you do. - Your friend, H.

Hi, my name is M.  I'm 18 years old.  I've been a parent of my mom and dad since I was 9 or 10 and the reason I became a parent to my mom and dad is because of alcohol and drugs and other stuff, etc.  My dad is in prison and my mom is remarried and I’ve been in 17 wrecks with my mom due to alcohol. Luckily God was there. If it wasn’t for me meeting my boyfriend I wouldn't be here today, he helped me to save myself but God did the most and now you’ve given me more hope and Thank you so much for today.

Bob, thank you so much for coming to school on Thursday.  Your message opened my eyes and changed my life, thank you so much.  Unlike other rallies, your message really hit home because it was built around our generation and the problems of our society today.  You know how to reach teens and to teach them a life changing lesson.  After hearing your message I made the final step of receiving Christ as my savior.  Thank you, again, A.  

Bob, hearing your message today at my school has touched me so much. It has made me rethink about all the things I could have done and said to make just one person want to keep pushing forward against the odds.  Going to your assembly I didn't know what to think, I figured it'd be just another assembly to get me out of class, but instead God has brought you to all of these schools to preach the message of change in Christ.  And you sure did preach the message I needed to hear.  Lately I've been down and thinking nothing is going to work out. God sent you to remind all of us that his plan is bigger, that there is better out there if we keep looking forward.  Thank you so much for coming to our school, I hope you can continue to visit more schools, preach the message even more.  God Bless, S.

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